Discover Budoni

There are numerous reasons why Budoni is becoming one of the most visited tourist areas in Sardinia. Firstly, Budoni is in an ideal location, just a few kilometres from Olbia and the main coastal towns on the north-eastern coast of the island. Secondly, this lively village is surrounded by large, pure white beaches and clear, clean sea.


There are so many things you can discover by spending a day in this town, and here are some of the gems you can visit during your next holiday:


Domus de Janas

The Budoni area was already inhabited in the Neolithic era, around 4000BC, thanks to the Salamaghe, a local river which increased the soil’s fertility and consequently, locals’ livelihood.   If you’re interested in this period, you should go and see Domus de Janas di L’Agliola a Solità.


The Nuraghi

In the hills that surround the town it is possible to see two Nuraghi (ancient megalithic structures): The Nuraghe Su Entosu and the Nuraghe Conca e Bentu. Both names recall the winds, which are a characteristic element of their exposed locations.


The Stazzi (farmhouses) of San Pietro

These are the typical style of Gallurese living from the 17th century. The farmhouses of San Pietro are old buildings made from stone with colourful interiors and the typical stone base, and a seat outside that runs around the whole perimeter of the farmhouse. If you choose to do this itinerary, you will also see the small church of San Pietro del Bosco.


Festa di San Giovanni Battista (last Sunday in August)

If you are in Budoni on the Sunday at the end of summer, you will have the possibility of participating in this traditional event. It involves a procession through the streets of Budoni, followed by the faithful in typical Sardinian dress and by the village choir who sing songs in the local dialect. It is all accompanied by typical, local sweet foods. After the procession there is another picturesque procession by sea, with the Saint on board a boat which departs from the port of Ottiolu.


Farmhouse and Farmer’s Museum (Museo degli stazzi e della civiltà Contadina)

In the central piazza of the town you will find the museum, which can tell you everything about the local stone buildings, with their mud and clay cement, which go by the name of stazzi. Families lived in these buildings in just one room comprising of a bedroom and kitchen. The Museum has many photographs on display which tell the life, traditions and professions of the local people. There is also a part dedicated to the tools that were used in the home. An exciting journey through time and history to learn about the Budoni people.


You will receive all the necessary information from us to enable you to discover what you most want to see in this fantastic place.


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